10 Most Visited Attractions In Crawley

Updated: November 23, 2015
Axe Throwing

Have you ever thought of Crawley as a tourist attraction? Well, it turns out that Crawley has a number of popular, if not highly regarded, tourist attractions across its neighbourhoods and just outside its borders. In order to compile a list of the most visited, we’ve trawled TripAdvisor to find those with the most reviews.

1. 454 Reviews – Tilgate Park

Voted Sussex’s number one children’s attraction, Tilgate Park’s 19th Century trees and glistening lake have accrued a whopping 452 reviews.

The park’s latest reviewer has deemed it “Great fun” – so well worth a visit!

Tilgate park

2. 229 Reviews – Alexander House Utopia Spa

This one’s not quite in Crawley but it is close! Turners Hill is where you’ll come across what has led one reviewer to exclaim – “An experience for the rich and famous? No for everyone!”

Exterior 2 1280 x 616

3. 169 Reviews – Southern Pursuits

You’ll find this little beaut midway between Crawley and Turners Hill. With a largely positive review-base, you can look forward to quad biking, archery and the Call of Duty favourite, Axe Throwing – as well as many other adventures.

We’re not 100% sure what the “Max Cats” are but according to one reviewer they’re certainly worth a try. They’re “amazing!”

Activity Day Quad Biking Header

4. 155 Reviews – Cineworld

Smack bang in the middle of Crawley, you’ll find the fourth most reviewed attraction the town has ever seen.

One reviewer has even gone as far as saying it’s a “nice cinema with good views of the screen” – a winning combination we at Crawley TV can assure you.

Unlimited Card Cineworld discount

Image credit: Matt Davis

5. 81 Reviews – Delta Force Paintball

The ideal place to host your next birthday, especially during winter when you know it’s going to sting…

Whatever happens you’re guaranteed a “Great day of paint glory” – as one happy reviewer coined it.

Paintball in Crawley

6. 77 Reviews – The Hawth

With seemingly better productions every year, The Hawth has really helped to put Crawley on the map for creativity and artistic flair.

Indeed one reviewer remarked how we are “so lucky to have a theatre in Crawley.” Whereas another reviewer has claimed the theatre has “lost its sparkle” – although we don’t have time for this nonsense!

The Hawth

7. 62 Reviews – K2

Get involved and get fit, it seems as though K2 is a popular place for people looking to have a good time and exercise.

One reviewer decided to “exerecise” their positive thoughts towards their time at K2 by saying it was a good place to “exerecise in comfort” – we couldn’t agree more.

Image credit: Andrew Skudder Image credit: Andrew Skudder

8. 53 Reviews – Crawley Memorial Gardens

A breathe of fresh air among the concrete maze of commercial buildings in Crawley’s Town Centre. The Crawley Memorial Gardens offer pleasant strolls and picturesque views of colourful flowers and vibrant evergreens.

“Typical Carwley,” exclaimed one reviewer. So taken aback by the town’s beauty they didn’t quite spell it correctly.

Crawley Memorial Garden Image Credit: http://www.crawleyobserver.co.uk/

9. 51 Reviews – TeamSport Crawley

Two circuits to choose from, TeamSport offers an indoor go-karting experience ideal for adrenaline junkies.

Indeed it provides an “Incredibly enjoyable” experience for all.

Crawley TeamSport

10. 35 Reviews – Hollywood Bowl

After one reviewer dubbed “you can never leave,” you’d be forgiven for not wanting to go to Hollywood Bowl. But reviews are largely positive and it’s apparently a great way to kill an hour or two if you’re waiting for a film!

Hollywood bowl Image credit: Matt Davis

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