10 Places to Hide During a Crawley Zombie Apocalypse

Updated: July 16, 2015

For the unlikely event of a zombie outbreak in Crawley, we’ve prepared 10 possible hiding locations to help you survive.

1. A Pub – We’ve all seen Shaun of the Dead and although their plan wasn’t tremendously successful, what’s better than having a pint and some pork scratchings whilst waiting for it to all blow over? We recommend The Plough Inn in Ifield or The New Moon in Southgate.

The Plough – Alan Burgess

2. K2 – Food, heavy sports equipment, and treadmills which can be put outside the doors. K2 also has a rock climbing wall and an extremely high diving board for when times get especially desperate, plus, the personal trainers can probably handle themselves pretty well!


K2 – N Chadwick

3. Some High Street Bars – Simple: if you can’t get in on a Friday night with your mates then zombies have no chance … especially if they’re wearing trainers!

Birmingham Mail

Birmingham Mail

4. Tilgate Lake –  Grab a canoe or build a raft and head to the center of the lake. If horror films have taught us one thing; zombies aren’t good swimmers. Make sure you take enough food and a good book because you might be out there for a while.


5. County Mall – Anyone played Dead Rising? The stores in Crawley’s shopping center offer countless opportunities for both survival and fun. Imagine entering The Entertainer; popping some Nerf guns, building a Lego fort or defending yourself with a toy lightsaber.

BagoGames - Flickr

BagoGames – Flickr

6. Morrisons – You could spend your time munching an almost unlimited supply of food whilst you watch zombies try and conquer the never-ending travelator route.

supermarket7.  Tulleys Farm – A remote destination, just outside of Crawley, offers food you can pick yourself and sharp farm tools to protect yourself with. Careful you don’t go around Halloween time as you won’t know who’s a real zombie and who isn’t!



8. Head for a tall building – Tall buildings are the best way to keep a distance between you and zombies on the ground. Barricade yourself on the top floor or roof top and wait for a helicopter to rescue you. We recommend Crawley College, Kingsgate Car Park or Cineworld.


9. Thales – Crawley is home to a company in Manor Royal which is a huge player in the defence and security industry. They seem like the best people to be around and their building is high security too.

Andrew Skudder - Flickr

Andrew Skudder – Flickr


10. Gatwick Airport – Or maybe just head to the runway to catch the first flight out of here!



So where would you head if an outbreak occurred? Do you have any options we missed? Comment below.


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Featured image – Lindsey Turner