10 reasons you know you’re from Crawley

Updated: July 13, 2015

We’re proud to be from Crawley, a place with its own small community and plenty of ‘in-jokes’. Whether you’ve lived here for a long time or recently moved in with us, here’s 10 reasons you know you’re from the town:

1. You used to listen to Mercury FM

Mercury FM

2. You still use ‘the back of Woolworths’ as a meeting point



3. You’ve been to a party at LaserHub


4. You’ve panicked after finding yourself in the wrong lane at Tushmore roundabout


5. You’re spoilt for choice when you fancy a coffee in town


7. When you’re abroad or up north and are asked where you’re from, you just say “near Gatwick”


7. You think you know which colour represents each neighbourhood. Take the quiz here.

Crawley Street Sign

7. You’ve been to an after party in Troy’s Kebabs


8. When Gareth Southgate is on TV, you automatically tell whoever you’re with “he’s from Crawley you know?”


Credit: Ben Sutherland – Flickr

9. You’ve been on a Crawley Luxury coach to somewhere (anywhere). 


10. You’ve seen the Crawley Mockumentary



Anymore reasons you can think of? Comment below!

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Featured image: Ian Capper