13 Signs You’ve Lived In Crawley For Too Long

Updated: November 16, 2015
Signs You've Lived in Crawley For Too Long

Wondering if you’ve lived in Crawley for too long? Thinking it might be time to move? Here are 13 signs suggesting you should follow your instincts:

1. Mercury FM is still your favourite radio channel

It was pretty good to be fair, but it’s no longer running and it’s time to move on…


2. Uttering “The Jubilee” has lost any shred of association with the Queen

She may have been the first to have a Jubilee but we’ve made it our own!


3. The Morrison’s Store reminds you of AMF Bowling and the rest of it

Just don’t confuse the isles for lanes and watermelons for bowling balls…


4. The Thought of Christmas conjures up memories of the queue at Card Factory

The worst part is, you’re quite happy to waste half an hour of your life patiently looking at cards as you make your way up the queue.


5. You’re Smug at knowing how to navigate Tushmore Roundabout

Terrifying for novices – A guilty pleasure for the veteran Crawley-mite.Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 20.48.42

6. You’re beginning to recognise people on the bus and then look away when they see you staring

If you think they’re following you you’ve definitely lived in Crawley for too long.

7. You Miss Tilgate Park’s Terry The Talking Raven

This is what YouTube was made for:

8. You view the Town Hall as an Innovative Piece of Architecture

When you’ve seen something so many times you’re not sure if it looks good or bad anymore…


9. You’ve been Out in Crawley So Much you now call it C-Town

B-Town we can understand but C-Town? Really?

Rodins Thinker surrounded by question marks - Doubts and insecurities concept

10. The Taxi Companies Know Where you Live

It’s an odd feeling when you barely even have to give your name or address to order a taxi to town.


11. You can’t head on a night out without bumping into someone you know

It’s great until it’s someone you don’t want to see – a list of people which increases every year you spend in Crawley.

12. You’re aware of these Crawley Quirks and not so Quirks

The 20p Man, The Singing Guy In Town, The Acid Bath Murderer and Mad Mary. For more, head here…John_George_Haigh_1909-1949

13. You Feel too Old to go Clubbing in Crawley

You’ve lived through the “good days” of warm Vodka Redbulls but it’s never quite the same 3 or more years since…


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Featured Image Credit: George Redgrave