15 Dance Moves You See On A Night Out In Crawley

Updated: July 29, 2015

Heading for a night out on the tiles is a mainstay of pretty much everyone’s weekend, although dancing in Crawley isn’t always the townspeople’s forte. From fist pumping to hip thrusts, this is our list of the dance moves you’re likely to find in Crawley. Don’t forget to name and shame your friends if any of these look familiar. We recommend listening to some House as you make your way through our list.

1. The Fist Pump Flurry

The classic fist pump is always present on a night out in Crawley, probably more so than most.

dancing animated GIF

2. The Twerk

Miley Cyrus did it so it must be sexy, right? Will Smith doesn’t seem impressed. Most of Crawley isn’t either.

just the two of us will smith animated GIF


3. The Foxy Dad

There’s always an older guy or two looking for a good time.

happy dance animated GIF


4. The Robotic Body Pop

That guy who was just born with more flow than Flo Rida.

dance animated GIF


5. The Jointless Limb Flap

That guy who moves in a way no one else can. A jellyfish on the dance floor.

funny animated GIF


6. The Sit-Down Jig

Feeling the beat but not enough to move their feet, this one can be found sitting on the sidelines, wanting to be involved.

funny animated GIF


7. The Pussy Magnet Step

“Look into my eyes” can be heard as the stepper makes their way into the crowd.

dance party animated GIF


8. The Uncoordinated “This is my Jam” Dance

No one cares if they can’t dance when THEIR tune comes on.

dancing animated GIF


9. The Crab Walk

When space opens up on the dance floor, you can expect someone to be crabbin’ their way through on cue.

television animated GIF


10. Dance For Your Papi

Whatever you do, don’t turn your back on this guy when dancing in Crawley.

dancing animated GIF


11. The Beyonce 

There’s not a lady in Crawley who hasn’t imitated Queen B on the tiles, just go too low and you won’t be coming back up again.

beyonce animated GIF


12. The Hand Shake

With a bit of hip movement, this is a go to dance move for many in Crawley.

happy dance animated GIF


13. The Hip Thrust

There’s no better display of virility than The Hip Thrust, it’s a guarantees some lip lovin’.

pelvic thrust animated GIF


14. The Point and Grind

If in doubt, point and grind.

happy dance animated GIF


15. The Kicker

Slightly rarer these days, The Kicker sometimes makes an appearance in Crawley

happy dance animated GIF


Did any of these remind you of a friend or two? Name and shame them in the comments section below. Or, have a look at our list of faces all Crawley retail workers will recognise, and see if any of those ring a bell.

All gifs have been sourced from Giphy.