20 Faces Every Retail Worker In Crawley Will Recognise

Updated: July 23, 2015

There aren’t many people from Crawley who haven’t worked in retail at some point in their lives, but for those of us who have, here are 20 faces you’re likely to recognise. Thanks to everyone tweeting #retailproblems so we could make this list.

1. The “Customer asked if I work here when I’m wearing my name tag” face

2. The “Customer wants to try on some underwear face”

3. The “Customer asks if something is free face”

4. The “Customer said they’ll be back later face”

5. The “Customer just messed up my display” face

6. The “I’ve worked in retail for two weeks” face

7. The “Customer doesn’t believe there isn’t anymore in the stockroom” face

8. The “It’s summer, but it’s raining on my day off” face

9. The “Customer says have a good day” face

10. The “Customer just handed you some sweaty boob money” face

11. The “Customer asks for help as you leave on your break” face

12. The “Customer doesn’t like our refund policy” face

13. The “Customer just complimented you in front of the manager” face

14. The “Customer tells you they know their rights” face

15. When a “Difficult customer leaves the store” face

16. The “Someone asks when your last day off was” face

17. The “Customer tells you their life story” face

18. The “Customer isn’t as friendly as you thought” face

19. The Customer swipes their card before you’ve scanned anything” face

20. Someone asks you “How long have you worked in retail” face

Want to get involved? Why not #retailproblems or start a new trend for those working retail in Crawley – #crawleyretailproblems.

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