5 Gripes Every County Mall Worker Will Relate To

Updated: December 14, 2015
Crawley Town Centre

Let’s face it, the majority of us working in retail don’t enjoy it, but do it to get by. Some days are good, and some days make you really reconsider your life choices. Here are 5 gripes every County Mall worker can own up to having.


1. People complaining about the noise from dancers in the mall.


You know the ones; the ‘shows’ that companies put on in the middle of the mall with booming music so loud that it’s sometimes hard to hear what any customer is trying to ask you. The majority of customers are fine, but there are always a select few who want to blame YOU personally for the noise! Some quick directions to the management suite or a security guard is the best solution.


2. “Have you got any more downstairs?”


Customers can often test the patience of any sane retail worker, especially those who refuse to believe you when you say certain items aren’t in stock. You know there are none in the stockroom, as you’ve been to check before, but the consumer refuses to understand why and makes you go to check anyway. Now it’s time to confess…you don’t actually go down to the stockroom to check, do you? Standing in a hidden spot for 5 minutes instead of wasting your time at least makes the customer satisfied that you tried.


3. The last customers remain.


We’ve all had the scenario: it’s 5:55 on Friday afternoon and you’re tired from a full week of working hard and serving customers, you turn around and see a couple of customers just roaming around aimlessly and browsing to their heart’s content. “IT’S FRIDAY EVENING!!”, you think to yourself, “WHY AREN’T YOU AT HOME?!”. Approaching them and politely explaining that the shop will be closing in a minute doesn’t seem to make them flinch in the slightest, or make them move any faster. The next 5 minutes is filled with anger, wild flailing of the arms and dirty looks in their direction until they finally get the message.


4. “But I just tidied that!”


The shop floor has quietened down a bit, so you decide that perhaps some tidying should be done to keep yourself busy. The clothes are a mess, the towels are all unfolded and the boxes are all unopened and emptied for you to sort out. As we all know, tidying can take a serious amount of time when you want to get it to the standard that any store manager expects, so you begin the task and after a while, it’s complete. A sigh of relief and a grin of satisfaction occurs. After walking away from it and turning your back for 1 second, it suddenly becomes the war zone that you saw to begin with, but you haven’t even seen any customers to mess it up!


5. Hot Summer days wasted inside working.


There is no worse day to come into the mall and work, than when the sun is shining and there isn’t a cloud to be seen in the sky. You can accept that you have to work and keep yourself distracted from the lovely weather by keeping busy and serving customers. However, this becomes almost impossible when every single customer feels the need to rub it in your face about how pleasant it is outside and that “it’s a shame you’re stuck inside on a day like this”…cheers! Also, ending the transaction with “I’m off home now to sit in the garden” definitely doesn’t help us fight off the urge to walk out and bathe in the sun’s rays.