5 Places Vampires Could Be Hiding In Crawley

Updated: August 25, 2015
Local Vampires

Do they or don’t they exist? They probably don’t, but in the unlikely case that they do, we thought we’d help you stay prepared by outlining the places where local vampires are most likely to be hiding in Crawley.


K2 Crawley

Image credit: Andrew Skudder

With numerous activities to get the blood pumping and the veins a-bulging, you should most likely take some garlic with you on your next trip to the gym. That guy who always stares probably isn’t there to make friends.


Tilgate Park

Tilgate park

Image credit: allen watkin

Known as a breeding ground for bats and offering plenty of shade during the day, vampires would have safety in numbers and also a shield from the sun on summer days. With plenty of stray dog walkers around the park too, there’s plenty of people to quench their thirst.


St John the Baptist’s Church

Crawley church

Image credit: Ben Sutherland

The church in town has a cemetery which would be a prime spot for vampires to catch a nap in. Sleeping in coffins during the day and prowling on party-happy drunks on Friday and Saturday nights is one way for vampires to keep themselves busy.



Asda Crawley

Image credit: George Redgrave

There are never any questions asked as to why people work night shifts at Asda, but one of the answers could be that they’re local vampires. Once again protected from the sunlight, vampires need to earn a living too.


Crawley Baptist Church

Based in West Green, stakes will be high on the 21st of September, when blood donations are to be made. With blood out in the open, it would be no surprise to find a Dracula wannabe skulking around in a cape on the day.

Know of any other locations where vampires might be hiding out in Crawley? Let us know by commenting below. Or, you can find out where best to hide from zombies instead.

Featured image credit: Andrés Nieto Porras