You Can Now Book A Table At A Trampoline Park For Valentine’s Day

Updated: January 29, 2018

Ah, Valentine’s Day… the most romantic day of the year. Restaurants book up weeks in advance, florists stock their displays to the brim with roses and couples go all out to make the day as special as possible.

Whilst many couples head to the poshest restaurant in town and singles stay at home watching The Note Book on Netflix, a Trampoline Park in Chichester, Sussex, is offering a very different option this year!

Whilst usually popular with the younger audience, the park will be exclusively opened to 18+ adults between 7pm and 9pm for a ticket only event.

The lucky couples get to bounce for 1 hour before going to the cafe for a special treat and a glass of bubbly.

Air Arena Facebook

Instead of pretending to be posh and sophisticated for the evening you can have a genuine laugh with your significant other as that’s what relationships should be about after all!

Air Arena Chichester’s website states:

“This session will last 2 hours (1 hour in park) and will provide you with some socks to bounce in, either a waffle/crepe or sundae to share and a glass of bubbly each!”

Then also feels the need to add…

Please note: No bouncing allowed after alcohol consumption.

Spaces are very limited and tickets are only £15 per person and you can book directly through the trampoline park’s website.

Trampolining and bubbly? We’ll see you there. <3