Crawley’s Top 10 Guilty Pleasures

Updated: August 3, 2015

Life is full of guilty pleasures, and everyone has them. Crawley isn’t short of them either, so here’s a few that I’m sure you can say you agree with too!

1. Walking on the astro-turf in Queen’s Square

You can’t explain it, you don’t need to explain it. That short 10 second break from walking on the pavement is bliss, and makes the monotony of that hard, cold pavement back on the other side less of a chore for the rest of your journey. The springy grass makes it feel like Summer, even when it’s raining!  {{self|GFDL}} Nevit Dilmen

2. Troy’s Kebabs

No night out is complete without something from Troy’s. Even a shopping trip to town is made better with it. You know you shouldn’t because it’s so unhealthy, but who cares when it tastes this good?!


3. Dodging those charity workers between the Square and the County Mall

You see them before they see you, and you know their game. Their clip boards are out ready to take your details but you won’t be caught so easily. It’s a mix of weaving, head down and acceleration that will see you through unscathed. Having a sneaky look up to see them speaking to someone else always feels nice too.


4. Successfully judging someone in the wrong lane at Cheal’s roundabout

Being the only roundabout in Crawley with a ‘left only’ lane is obviously one of the reasons why so many people get caught out. It’s dangerous, to say the least, when someone is unwittingly in the wrong lane, but it’s always a bit of a giggle when they have to turn left instead of going straight ahead as they intended.


5. Finding a parking space in a packed Cinema car park

It’s a shame how it works out: the only time you can go to the cinema is after work, which is the same time as EVERYONE else, so finding a parking space can be tricky and stressful business. Most of the time the ordeal consists of driving up and down the same lanes time and time again in the hope of a space miraculously appearing. So, it’s always nice when you notice some just leaving as you arrive and you can cheekily sneak in the space to go get some popcorn!


6. Sitting by the window in the County Mall and seeing someone miss their bus

It’s never nice to miss your bus, especially when you’re in a rush, but you have to admit that it is quite funny to see someone else miss theirs…especially if they’ve just ran for it too!


7. Being at the front of the queue in Primark

You’ve waited a long time to get to the front of that queue in a shop so busy you can easily drown in the sea of heads. There aren’t many better feelings than looking back at all those fellow consumers who still have their time to stand and wait in line whilst you know to can be free in a matter of minutes!


8. Finding somewhere free to park near the town centre

Why pay when you can park for free and have a couple of minutes walk? It’s always amusing to walk past all those people queuing up to park when you’re already on your way to begin your shopping.


9. Getting down Southgate Avenue without stopping at any red lights

The Cyclops. The Kraken. No red lights down Southgate Avenue. These are all things that are mainly known as urban myths. We all have friends who say they’ve done it, but you can never believe something so miraculous would happen to one person. It’s definitely something that has to be experienced to believe, and it feels oh so good when you do!



10. Getting to the platform just as the train arrives at Three Bridges station

No-one likes waiting for a train, especially in the cold, or more often than not; the rain. So it really goes without saying that there aren’t many better feelings to be had than the simple transition from buying a ticket and simply walking onto your train to your desired destination.




Got any others to add? Comment below!

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