Discounts in Crawley You Didn’t Realise You Could Be Getting

Updated: August 26, 2015
Discounts in Crawley

There’s been a revelation at Crawley TV. And we thought we’d let you know as we didn’t have a clue. You can take advantage of huge discounts if you’re a regular user of many services in Crawley, and most of them you’re probably unaware of. So here they are:

Unlimited Cards from Cineworld are even better than you think…

Unlimited Card Cineworld discount

Image credit: Matt Davis

Thought you were just getting unlimited movies for £16.90 a month? There’s more. And you may not have known about it. Get up to 25% off Nando’s, Chiquitos, Frankie and Benny’s and even Starbucks. Plus plenty more depending on what membership you have.

Got a TasteCard? You should probably get one if you like food.

Currently, you could be getting 50% off or 2 for 1 in 15 different restaurants in Crawley. That’s a pretty big plateful for the foodie enthusiasts out there. With Papa John’s included, I’ve pretty much already signed up.

What’s an Active Crawley Card? A dream. End of.

Image credit: Andrew Skudder

Image credit: Andrew Skudder

K2 is known for having an abundant supply of activities behind its blue walls, but what if you could get them cheaper? Well you can! An Active Crawley Card will get you discounts on a number of different activities at the leisure centre, so it’s definitely worth checking out if you use the gym.

Your 3 in 1 Card could be free.

Anyone who is between the ages of 5 -19, lives in West Sussex and is in full-time education can apply for a Your 3 in 1 Card. The benefits are numerous and include lower bus fares as well as a huge amount more.

Free hamburger, cheeseburger or McFlurry with a student card.

burger discount

So if you’re at university you’ve probably called on McDonald’s to cure the hangover after a night out at the SU. However, some are still unaware you could be getting free food with any meal. Just present your student card and put some food in yo’ face.

NUS Extra is a student must-have.
Although free Mcdonald’s is one perk to being a student, paying a fee for an NUS Extra card will entitle you to even more. The list is unending but if you’re struggling for cash, this card can certainly help.

Arcadia is kind of cool.

If you work for the Arcadia group then you’re probably aware you’re entitled to some discounts. But the range is unfathomable. 25% off Arcadia brands, 20% off selected goods at BHS and even more that could see you getting discounts on everything from holidays to health clubs. I’m thinking of changing careers…

Know of any other discounts you could be entitled to in Crawley? Let us know by commenting below. You can also find out which Crawley personality you are.