If Crawley Had An Equivalent to London Underground…

Updated: August 6, 2015
What if Crawley had an equivalent to London Underground, Crawley TV

With the seemingly weekly tube strikes affecting London once again, we thought we’d take a look at what would happen if Crawley had its very own underground.


1. There would be even more people on the bus during tube strikes


2. We’d be more motivated thanks to these:


3. Squeezing into the last space on the tube is meant to feel like this:

Deal with it sunglasses, Crawley TV


4. Having a direct line from Moka to Troys would be bliss

Bliss, Crawley TV

Image credit: See-ming Lee


5. However, that line would smell like vomit

Vomit smell, Crawley TV

Image credit: bixentro


6. Personal space would be a thing of the past

crowded, Crawley TV

Image credit: Michael Pardo


7. Ifield Station would have more use

Ifield Station, Crawley TV

Image credit: Matt Davis


8. You could get from Ifield to Maidenbower in 5 minutes


9. It would be hilarious to see someone miss their connection

guy misses train, CRawley TV


10. Eye contact would become outlawed

eye contact, Crawley TV


Don’t forget to check out 7 things you can do in Broadfield. Can you think of anything else that would happen if Crawley had an Underground? Let us know by commenting below.


Featured image credit: NAPARAZZI

All Gifs have been sourced from Giphy.com