Which Crawley resident has the most Twitter followers?

Updated: November 5, 2015

Rules are:

  • Location set to Crawley
  • Place in the list is calculated on follower numbers alone.


Here are the ten local people with the most followers according to Twitter:



10. Rachel Pamment 17,000+

9. Carl Bradford 18,000+

8. Amy Ferris 19,000+

7. Morning Advertiser 21,000+

6. Healthy Horizon 24,000+

5.Ben Staley 25,000+

4. Crawley Town 27,000+

3. Aaron Jackson 31,000+

2.Evans Cycles 33,000+


And the winner is……



1. Romesh Ranganathan 72,000+

There you go, Crawley’s most followed Twitter personality is none other than comedian Romesh Ranganathan!

How close did you come to making it on to the list?


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Featured image credit – Brett Jordan