So, what happened to the Crawley News?

Updated: November 5, 2016
what happened to the crawley news

Did you hear the news? The Crawley News is sadly no more. It printed its parting pages on Wednesday the 26th of October 2016.

We thought we’d clear up the comments we’ve received as to the state of the local newspaper after it vanished from our shelves & online and we’re all missing our weekly dose of @T_Mackintosh articles already.

The Crawley News was previously owned by a company called Local World, a publisher which had a portfolio of 100 titles up and down the country. It’s rival company, Trinity Mirror, purchased Local World for £220 in October last year and has since been making a number of changes to the way its portfolio operates.

Sadly, the Crawley News faced the axe along with three other free newspapers although the East Grinstead Courier, Surrey Mirror and Croydon Advertiser remain. That means we’ll still be getting the odd Crawley article funneled through Spotted:Crawley now and then.

Heads are now turning towards the Crawley Observer (part of Johnston Publishing) to see if they’ll thrive given space to breathe or suffer a similar fate.

Either way, if you’re looking for somewhere to advertise your business. Check out the viral exposure Crawley TV are capable of ;). It’s why the likes of Metro Taxis, Crawley Cagers, Moka, Six Degrees and more have got involved…



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