Southern Rail Commuter Arrives On Time For Work

Updated: August 2, 2016

We’ve had reports that Pete Jenkins, a Southern Rail commuter from Crawley made it to work on time yesterday (Weds 12th).

Mr Jenkins, who works at a large media agency in the centre of London is rumoured to have set off for work at 7:40am, the same as any other typical weekday. Pete then managed to get on the train at Ifield Station on time, arriving at his desk 10 minutes before his 9am start time.

Pete said “It was scheduled for 7:56am and it arrived at 7:56am. I just stepped on and away we went. It was incredible”

Whilst internet sceptics are claiming Pete’s tale is fictitious, other commuters from Crawley are claiming to have experienced the phenomenon too.

If you were on the 7:50am train from Ifield yesterday morning and have any photos or videos of the event, please send them to