Top 8 Funniest Crawley ‘Items For Sale’ Posts

Updated: May 28, 2015

Crawley has a plethora of Facebook selling sites including the cornerstone ‘Items For Sale’ group plus others such as ‘Parkers’ and similar free sites. Constant updates of enquiries, ‘bumps’ and stern words from page admins stream down the timeline every hour of the day whilst townsfolk try to flog a huge range of items from their living rooms.

We’ve delved into the archives and put together a list of the more bizarre and comical items gracing the different site’s pages:

1. The Camouflage Jacket

Leylia tried selling her camouflaged jacket online with the option for others to send in their price. We are unsure if she threw the hanger in on the deal.

Camo Jacket

2. Hoover

Paul tried to sell his disused hoover, here’s the punchline he sucked people in with:


3. Snoring Husband

Apparently fed up with her husband’s nocturnal respiratory problems, Katy decided to enquire about the group’s rules regarding human trafficking.


4. Baa Stool

Debbie thought she could get away with selling a knock-off bar stool, sheep puns ensued – thanks for mutton, Debbie!

Baa Stool

5. Peppa Pig Jigsaw

Melanie tried to get rid of her Peppa Pig jigsaw puzzle on one of the sites telling people they could meat her at Tilgate.


6. £100k offer

This cheeky lady offered the chance for one lucky person to share her stake in the £100k prize from McDonalds Monopoly. She had picked up Park Lane (a very common piece) and just needed the ultra-rare Mayfair sticker to net her the prize money.


7. Tablet

Paul Callaway saw the opportunity to flog his Paracetamol from the back of his medicine cabinet when Lou posted asking if anyone had a ‘tablet’ for sale.


8. Housemate For Sale

Fed up with his housemate (and new girlfriend), Roy decided to post his pal for sale for the cheap, specific price of £37.50 (ono).


Seen any other posts worth adding? Let us know in the comments below!