What If Crawley Had An Ice Rink…

Updated: December 2, 2015
Ice rink in Crawley

Forever have there been tantalising whispers that Crawley will one day get an ice rink. Although unlikely, we had a look at what it would mean for the town if Crawley’s Christmas Ice Rink ever came to be.

There’d be more funny fails

Everybody loves the bambi-on-ice kid who tries to impress but ultimately stacks it, especially when it’s not you!


Hollywood Bowl would have to compete on prices

Hollywood bowl

Prices at Hollywood Bowl have been steadily increasing since the AMF bowling alley shutdown (for those who don’t remember, we used to have two. It was glorious). Either way, with a similar attraction we’d certainly see those prices come a-tumbling back down.


We’d have another great place to hide from zombies


Not known for their cat-like balance, zombies would certainly struggle to keep up in what would be another great place to hide during a zombie apocalypse.


We wouldn’t have to trek to Guildford and back

Guildford spectrum

There would no longer be the need to venture up to Guildford when donning the ice skates. With many limited to two or three visits during their lifetime – because it’s a lot of effort for little reward – Guildford is simply too far away.


Christmas would be better

Christmas lights

While we have to settle for mediocre ‘celebrities’ turning on our Christmas lights, we would always find solace in the fact we can go ice skating instead.


First dates would be awesome

first dates

Forget the Punch Bowl! An ice rink would serve first dates incredibly well. Laughter, innocent touching and mild fun would all make for a much more memorable evening.


We’d be the fittest town around

Ice hockey guildford

Football, rugby, cricket, cycling and the occasional trip to the gym or K2 has left Crawley in pretty good shape. The only form of activity missing is ice hockey – the final piece to a pretty damn attractive puzzle.

Know of any reasons why Crawley would be better off with or without an ice rink? Let us know by commenting below.

Featured image credit: Paul Hudson