Crawley TV Advertising

We have a range of Crawley advertising opportunities that will suit local businesses, causes and larger companies in the Crawley and West Sussex area. While we specialise in making videos for prospective clients, we do have a number of other options for those with smaller budgets that still want to take advantage of our extensive reach within the local community. You can read more about our offers below but if you would like to talk to someone directly, please contact Will Bower at for more information.

Want to gain exposure and boost your brand within the local area?

We reach 1000s of locals every week and offer several methods of advertising to Crawley and other local areas.


Here are a number of ways you can get your brand out there with Crawley TV:

Leaderboard Ad Banner

This is a banner which sits at the top of every page on the website beneath the menu, stretching across the screen. This option is only available to one company at any time so we ask for £75 per week for exclusive rights to have your logo/info at the top of every page for all to see (you can’t miss it!).

Side Bar Ad

This is a box shaped ad which sits at the side of pages throughout the website. These boxes are priced at £35 per week.

Video Sponsorship

Videos are shared on our website as well as through local media outlets but also across several social media streams and around communities by our fans, so having your logo at the end of one of our videos is a great way to gain a high level of exposure through Crawley advertising. Prices start at £100 for each video you sponsor, with your choice of content stream and discounts can be offered when multiple videos are sponsored.

Local Business Spotlight

Each month we will be doing profiles on local businesses in the area, what their business is, their mission and what they have to offer the Crawley public.

This is a very bespoke sponsorship piece where we essentially film a promotional video for your company to use as you wish, but also put it out to a large audience of residents for direct Crawley advertising.

This is a tailored product offering a corporate video and exposure at the cost of just £575 a day filming.



Please contact us if you wish to speak about these offerings. As mentioned, we are able to do discounts on long-term sponsorship and generally encourage a 3-month stint initially to review and move forward there after.


Advertising Method Price
Leaderboard £75 Per Week
Sidebar £35 Per Week
Video Sponsor £100 Per Video
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