History Profile – Ifield Mill

Updated: June 14, 2015

We popped in to speak to Ted Henbery and Mary Wood to learn about the discovery and redevelopment of Ifield Mill.


History of Ifield Mill

The Ifield Mill is located just off Hyde Drive in Crawley, where it is thought to have had a presence from around as early a time as 1274. This is because numerous mills were used at the time in and around the local area. Restored after a fire in 1683, Ifield mill continued to be used until the 1920’s to grind corn, although from this point on until it was ‘rediscovered’ and rebuilt in 1974 the Mill was left unused and subsequently deteriorated.

Fortunately the mill has been restored to a point where it is now thought to be the only functioning water mill in West Sussex, that is still powered by its original water source. This would not have been possible without large investment and there are numerous projects in place to ensure that the mill is maintained from 2016 onward.