10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Crawley

Updated: July 7, 2015

Moved to the town recently? Lived here all your life? Did you know these 10 facts about the place you live?


1. A man from Crawley once spent four whole months in a room full of 40 snakes.
David Jones broke a world record, although it wasn’t officially acknowledged by Guinness World Records as they don’t encourage snakes (or humans) living together! Read more

2. A Crawley based band recently got signed to a record label. 
Press To MECO are doing shows around the UK and were recently played on BBC South’s ‘Introducing’ show. @Luke_PTM, part of the band hails from Crawley.

Here’s one of their music videos:


3. In-between Crawley and Charlwood there is a cafe inside a bus!
It’s called the Jailhouse Cafe and you can pop in for a tea or coffee Monday to Sunday.

4. Crawley is home to assassins.
Well… the fictional twin protagonists of the upcoming video game, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. Read more


Bago Games - Flickr

Bago Games – Flickr

5. Iguanodon (dinosaur) bones were first discovered in Tilgate Forest in 1822 by a paleontologist called Gideon Mantell.



6. The George Hotel in the High Street was the setting of a book!
It was written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1896 and called Rodney Stone, Sir Arthur also penned Sherlock Holmes.



7. Crawley Town fans have been on Soccer AM.
… and well known local lad Joe Comper fell over!

Here’s the video:


8. Crawley was home to a serial killer in the 1940’s.
His name was John George Haigh AKA the ‘Acid Bath Murderer’ because he disposed of his victims using sulphuric acid. He lived in London but rented a workshop in West Green where he disposed of three bodies before later being hanged at Wandsworth Prison.


9. There were over 33,000 searches on Google for the term ‘Crawley’ in May (most recent data available)
Are we that popular? Or are they all Downtown Abbey fans!?

crawley search

10. A 10-day-old baby was left in Gatwick Airport’s toilets in 1986.
He goes by the name of ‘Gary Gatwick’ and is still looking for his parents nearly 30 years on. Read our article about his story here.

Gary Gatwick

Did you know all of these facts? Or do you know anymore? Let us know in the comments below.

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Featured image: David Goehring – Flickr