Gary Gatwick – Gatwick’s Abandoned Baby

Updated: June 21, 2015
Abandoned baby at Gatwick

Abandoned at what doctor’s guessed to be around 10 days old, left with nothing but the baby blanket on his back and without a name; this is the heartbreaking tale of Gary Gatwick – a baby found abandoned in the ladies’ loos at Gatwick Airport on the 10th of April, 1986. A shocking story that made national headlines, Gary Laker, the name he was given as a baby boy after being discovered, now goes by the name of Steven Gary Hyde and celebrates his birthday on the 31st of March, although there is no way of knowing if this is his actual birth date.

As another Father’s Day passes by, Steven’s search for more answers has been reignited. ‘Does my biological father know who I am and if I even exist?’ Is the question that Steven has asked on his Facebook page this Father’s Day. Simply in search of more information regarding what happened to him as an innocent baby boy, and in no way bitter towards his unknown parents, Steven has been appealing for anyone to come forward who may know more about the incident.

Appearances on GMTV, national coverage on Meridian News, being featured in numerous newspapers and even being the subject of a BBC Three documentary has yet to bring Steven the answers he is desperately after. But with your help, Steven still hopes he can shed some light on what happened to him, and why he was abandoned by his parents.

Now a proud father of a son and daughter, Steven Gary Hyde has not had the time to actively pursue the information he is after. However, if you do have any information regarding what happened to Steven, whether it’s about his family or to do with the incident itself, you can contact him via his Facebook page, or if you wish, anonymously through his close friend Keith. Keith can be emailed directly at

If you would like to read more about Steven’s tear-jerking tale, you can head to his Facebook page where you will find links to numerous newspaper article, or you can watch the BBC documentary below.

BBC Three Documentary: The Gatwick Baby – Abandoned At Birth